World Education Services Inc.(WES) is a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to helping international students, immigrants, and refugees achieve their educational and workplace goals in the United States and Canada.

WES evaluates and advocates for the recognition of international education qualifications, supports the integration of immigrants into the workforce, and provides philanthropic funding to immigrant-serving organizations.

Over more than 45 years, WES has provided credential evaluations to three million individuals from around the globe.

We set the standard of excellence in the field of international mobility. Our evaluations are widely recognized by more than 2,500 educational, business, and governmental institutions throughout the U.S. and Canada.



Academic institutions, professional licensing bodies and employers partner with WES to evaluate the credentials of candidates educated abroad. WES provides candidates with a convenient online application where they can obtain detailed instructions regarding required documents and track the status of their evaluations anytime. Completed WES Evaluation Reports can be accessed through AccessWES, our secure online delivery system, or they can be mailed to

Evaluation Types

WES offers two types of credential evaluation reports: Document-by-Document Reports and Course-by-Course Reports. WES credential evaluations are based on authenticated documents received directly from the institutions that issued them. When necessary, WES sends documents back to the institutions that issued them for further verification.

Required Documents

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WES works with partnerships at more than 48,000 Global Higher Education Institutions (GHEIs) worldwide in more than 200 countries and territories, our experience with schools, alumni, and applicants is unmatched. Our state of the industry database and first-hand knowledge of international standards ensures our methods are current, reflecting best industry practices relative to institutions, regions, and countries. We are committed to working directly with GHEIs to make document delivery and credential evaluation seamless, transparent, and safe, with our innovative new digital tools.

WES works directly with stakeholders focused on the education, skills and experience of internationally-educated immigrants, including policy experts, academic institutions, researchers, community leaders, and of course, immigrants themselves. Our mission-driven initiatives and philanthropic programs build coalitions that help drive policy and practice around immigrant integration and refugee assistance efforts.